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Meet Conhive Agent, your Toolbox to get the most out of your Devices.

Incomparable Adaptability

Discover the flexible core of Conhive Agent, where adaptability meets precision.

Comprehensive Toolkit

With Conhive Agent, you access a realm of efficiency right from the start.

Cross-Platform Efficiency

A lightweight solution that operates smoothly across different environments.

Customizable Dashboards

Adjust widgets, descriptions, and styles to fit your unique workflow.

Master Your Digital Realm with Conhive Agent

Experience the ultimate in device management: Conhive Agent, a modular, cross-platform tool that redefines lightweight efficiency. Tailor your digital experience with a diverse selection of modules, including Process Manager and File Manager, to meet your unique needs.

Seamlessly Manage Your Devices


Let AI Do The Heavy Lifting

Dive into the ease of Conhive Webshell, where managing remote devices becomes a breeze. This intuitive, web-based terminal emulator transforms your browser into an efficient command hub. Gain effortless shell access to your devices, simplifying command execution and remote operations management. Ideal for both troubleshooting and system oversight, Conhive Webshell takes the hassle out of traditional remote access methods, providing a straightforward, browser-centric approach to comprehensive device control.

Operational Efficiency

User-Centric Design

Customizable to Your Needs

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Uncompromised Security

Scalable Solutions


Simplify System Optimization


Let Process Manager Lead the Way

Experience the convenience of Process Manager, where system optimization is streamlined. This advanced interface delivers real-time insights for effortless monitoring and management. Easily fine-tune your system's performance, making intricate adjustments a simple task.

Elevate Efficiency

Live Process Insights

Delve into detailed process analytics, from CPU and memory footprints to user operations. Identify high-load processes effortlessly with our intuitive color-coding. Welcome to the new age of visual process tracking.

Direct Process Management

Seamlessly handle critical or non-essential system processes. Effortlessly initiate, halt, or reset processes with a click. Our streamlined interface democratizes advanced process control for all users.

Effortlessly locate your Devices


Use the Power of Real-Time Tracking

Not only pinpoint the current position of your devices but also compile historical location data for in-depth analysis. Perfect for businesses overseeing numerous devices, it offers versatile location sourcing from a variety of GPS devices or through direct API connectivity. Enhance your monitoring capabilities with additional metrics like battery status, ambient temperature, and movement speed, all meticulously logged for future evaluation and insights.

Instant Location Updates

Experience real-time tracking with pinpoint accuracy. Monitor the exact location of your devices as it happens, ensuring you're always informed of their whereabouts.

Historical Location Data

Dive into the past with access to historical location data. Analyze patterns, understand movements, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive location history.






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System Health Inspector

Experience the power of real-time updates and customized alert notifications.


Device Twin Sync

Essential Tool for an automated, detailed overview of Device Data and Architecture.


Command Executor

Easily craft, oversee, and roll out custom commands across your device network.


File System Navigator

Effortlessly manage all files and folders on your device through a clear, user-friendly interface.


Remote Shell Sessions

Effortlessly connect and manage devices using run scripts, elevating your management efficiency.


Location Beacon

Create your own virtual world with customizable boundaries, colors, and shapes.


Log Management

Ensure data integrity with secure, always-accessible local storage, even in network downtimes.


Process Manager

Pinpoint and regulate high-demand processes to ensure smooth performance across the board.


Geoevent Manager

Add, delete or update virtual zones with just a few clicks to adapt swiftly to evolving scenarios.


Metric Manager

Visualize key data effortlessly to refine your processes and enhance product performance.


Schedule Manager

Set up your tasks in advance and watch as they are executed flawlessly, right on time.


App Manager

Customize your dashboards to display information that are important for you.

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Device Management Easier

Start with Conhive Agent. Add modules you need to tailor your application. Simplify your device management with our intuitive tools.

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