Conhive - Command with Ease and Precision

Your Powerful Tool for IoT Device Management and Data Analytics

Enhanced Data Protection

Conhive ensures top-level data safety with secure European servers and on-premise options, advanced user management, and detailed activity logs.

Tailored Technological Solutions

Experience Conhive's unmatched customization with our modular approach and dedicated support for tailored platform adaptations.

Dynamic and Cost-Effective Scaling

Conhive offers effortless scalability with Kubernetes and Docker, ensuring dynamic adaptability with optimized costs and resources.

Streamlined, Easy-to-Use Platform

Enjoy Conhive’s intuitive, no-code platform with customizable widgets and dashboards for simplified operations and reduced training.

Get Started in

3 Simple Steps

Start with Conhive in three easy steps: Create your account, install the Conhive agent, and connect your device for seamless IoT management. Start your journey now!

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