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Take Care of Your Devices from Anywhere in the World.

It's a new era in IoT device management. is the pioneering platform uniquely designed to simplify and revolutionize how you interact with and manage IoT devices and data analytics. For technology managers and developers, is a breakthrough solution, empowering you to effortlessly oversee and control your IoT ecosystem. Experience unparalleled efficiency in device management, monitoring, and automation, all from a single, user-friendly interface. Now, you can seamlessly manage devices globally, respond to real-time data, and automate complex processes with ease. Our platform stands out with its advanced device interaction capabilities, enabling you to not only manage but also deeply understand your IoT devices. With, eliminate the guesswork and complexity traditionally associated with IoT systems. Our intuitive design and sophisticated features, like comprehensive device control and streamlined process automation, ensure you gain insights and efficiency critical to your operational success and business growth.

Fleet Management

Elevate your IoT device management to new heights.

Our platform enables seamless connectivity and control over devices across the globe. Effortlessly categorize your devices into dynamic groups, fine-tune settings with advanced filters, and craft customized views and dashboards that cater to your unique workflow needs. ConHive's user-centric design allows you to visualize and manage data in the most effective way, boosting your operational control and efficiency.

Device Management

Device Grouping

Device Tagging

Device Naming

Device Description

Device Filtering

Device Sorting

Device Searching

Data Visualization

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A Glimpse into Conhive's Advanced Device Management System

Device Monitoring

Unlock the full potential of your IoT ecosystem.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading monitoring tools, setting up a streamlined process for you to track and analyze device performance. Experience the power of real-time updates and customized alert notifications, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve. Visualize key data effortlessly to refine your processes and enhance product performance, ensuring you're always in control.

Log Management

Status Monitoring

Location Monitoring

Resource Monitoring

Alerting and Notifications

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Insight into Conhive's Robust Device Monitoring Interface

Device Automation

Transform they way you manage your processes and tasks.

Experience the next level of operational efficiency with the conhive Platform's cutting-edge automation features. Simplify your workflows, accelerate application development, and innovate with virtual devices, all through our user-friendly low-code engine. It's the smart automation solution designed for any business seeking to enhance productivity and streamline processes.

Operation Cronjobs

Low Code Automation

Automated Smart Alerts

Event Based Automation

Geoevent Manager

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Exploring the Efficiencies of Process Automation Tools

Device Control

Master with Unprecedented Remote Capabilities

Master the art of IoT management with Conhive's extensive device control features. From any location, respond in real-time to critical events and alarms, and wield the power of remote command execution. With our advanced web shell, which supports SSH, you can swiftly implement commands and run scripts, ensuring quick and efficient responses to any scenario. Conhive puts the reins of IoT device management firmly in your hands, offering a level of control that transforms how you interact with your technology.

Remote Control

Remote Installation

Shared Webshell

Remote Webshell

Remote Updates

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Deep Dive into Conhive's Extensive Device Control Capabilities

Device Interaction

Transform Your Device Management Landscape.

Step into a new era of device interaction with Conhive. Our sophisticated tools are designed to redefine how you manage your devices. Dive into effortless file management, real-time process monitoring, and access to comprehensive device information. This suite of features is engineered to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and elevate your device management to unparalleled levels of efficiency and ease.

Device Twin

File Upload

File Download

Hardware Information

File Manager

Process Manager

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Overview of Conhive Streamlined Process Automation Features

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Join us on a journey where efficiency meets innovation, and every device is a node in a network of limitless potential. Welcome to the Conhive Platform – where your devices come alive.

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