Smart Automation

Transform they way you manage your processes and tasks.

Exploring the Efficiencies of Process Automation Tools

Unlock a new era of efficiency and innovation with Conhive's automation suite. Seamlessly blend performance enhancement, issue resolution, and security compliance into your digital landscape. Streamline device management and development processes, while effortlessly orchestrating complex workflows and crafting cutting-edge applications with our intuitive low-code platform.

Operation Cronjobs

Transform the management of your devices with the magic of effective scheduling. Creating and customizing cronjobs becomes a breeze, so cronjobs run on your devices with perfect timing. You can track your cronjobs with detailed logs and experience device management that is not only efficient, but also incredibly intelligent and responsive!

Conhive features automation

Cronjob Editor

Unleash the power of precise scheduling with our intuitive editor. Craft and tailor cronjobs effortlessly, then deploy them across your devices for streamlined operations.

Cronjob Execution

Bring your scheduled tasks to life. Execute your meticulously crafted cronjobs on your devices, ensuring each action occurs exactly when needed for optimal efficiency.

Cronjob Logs

Keep a vigilant eye on your cronjobs. Our detailed logging system lets you track each execution, providing insights and transparency for every scheduled task.

Cronjob Scheduler

Gone are the days of missed schedules or forgotten tasks. Set up your tasks in advance and watch as they are executed flawlessly, right on time.

Geoevent Manager

Revolutionize device management with real-time Location Tracking and intelligent event-based alerts, ensuring proactive responses and strategic oversight. Set up virtual perimeters, receive instant alerts on boundary breaches, and integrate customizable responses.

Precision Cartographer

Create your own virtual world with customizable boundaries, colors, and shapes. With intuitive tagging and labeling system, locating objects becomes easy.

Fluid Architect

Add, delete or update virtual zones with just a few clicks to adapt swiftly to evolving scenarios.

Guardian Sentinel

Receive instant notifications when objects cross defined boundaries, when there are anomalies and status changes.

Proactive Operation

Add an extra layer of efficiency with integrated functionalities and custom commands that allow you to respond rapidly to various events and scenarios.

Conhive features automation

Low-Code Automation

Craft intricate flows with our easy-to-use editor and watch them come alive on your devices. Set up automated tasks based on triggers like time, status, and more, giving you a hands-free approach to device management.

Conhive features automation

Customizable Flows

Paint a unique picture of automation with diverse node types and properties. Design flows that are as unique as your business needs.

Efficient Flow Testing

Navigate through our user-friendly interface equipped with an integrated debugger for swift flow troubleshooting. It's like having a personal guide through the maze of flow testing.

Seamless Flow Deployment

With just one click, prepare and deploy your flows for production. Keep track of every interaction with comprehensive logs that include everything from status to timestamps.

Proactive Management

Store and analyze logs to anticipate issues before they arise and address them promptly. Dive deep into granular logs for each node, detailing inputs, outputs, and execution times for maximum control.

Applications of Device Automation

Smart Building

Imagine an office where climate control is finely tuned by smart thermostats, lighting systems adapt to occupancy and time, and security is dynamically responsive to workplace routines, all harmoniously integrated for a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and productive environment.

Industrial Automation

Employ automated machinery for repetitive tasks, integrating sensors and IoT devices for real-time operation monitoring and maintenance alerts. This leads to heightened efficiency, reduced human error, and a significant boost in productivity.

Healthcare Applications

From patient monitoring systems and automated medication dispensers to robotic assistance in surgeries, these applications not only increase precision and efficiency in healthcare services but also allow medical professionals to dedicate more time to direct patient care.

Retail Operations

Implement systems like automated inventory tracking, self-checkout kiosks, and personalized digital signage to streamline operations, improve the shopping experience, and increase sales. This modern approach to retail operations marking a new era in retail efficiency.

A Glimpse into Conhive's Advanced Device Management System

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