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Deep Dive into Conhive's Extensive Device Control Capabilities

Master the art of IoT management with Conhive's extensive device control features. From any location, respond in real-time to critical events and alarms, and wield the power of remote command execution. With our advanced web shell, which supports SSH, you can swiftly implement commands and run scripts, ensuring quick and efficient responses to any scenario. Conhive puts the reins of IoT device management firmly in your hands, offering a level of control that transforms how you interact with your technology.

Remote Control

Easily craft, oversee, and roll out custom commands across your device network. Experience seamless control and immediate execution via an intuitive interface, complemented by real-time output monitoring for stable device performance.

Conhive features control

Seamless Command Deployment

Execute commands on devices from anywhere, providing unparalleled flexibility and thorough control over your entire network operations.

Streamlined Command Access

Quickly utilize common commands with a one-click feature, significantly boosting workflow efficiency and simplifying command management responding in real-time.

Instant Command Feedback

Gain immediate insights into the results of your commands through our intuitive interface, offering a highly responsive and informed management experience.

Enhanced Security

Perform command operations with confidence, backed by robust security measures that safeguard the integrity and reliability of your operational processes.

Remote Webshell

Experience a new level of device management with a web-based remote shell for effortless, real-time troubleshooting, command execution and system monitoring. It ensures smooth teamwork and secure operations, accessible from anywhere through a browser-based terminal emulator.

Streamlined Device Control

Effortlessly connect and manage devices using run scripts, elevating your management efficiency with user-friendly, browser-based convenience.

Protected Remote Access

Gain rapid access to remote devices with the assurance of robust security with SSH sessions, optimizing your management tasks while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Intuitive Management Interface

Navigate the complexities of device management with an easy-to-use interface, and fast implementation of commands.

Customizable Webshell Solutions

Adapt the Conhive Webshell to suit your unique operational demands, creating a bespoke, efficient device management experience.

Webshell Feature for Device Control

Remote Updates

Effortlessly upgrade your device's operating system, update applications, and software components by just uploading your binaries or packages, ensuring everything stays current and secure.

Update Feature for Device Control

Software Updates

Streamline your workflow by automating updates across multiple or grouped devices, with the added security of automatic rollbacks to the previous state in case of update failures.

Software Inventory

Gain a comprehensive overview of your software inventory, ensuring you have the latest versions of all your software components and applications. Gain a comprehensive view of all installed libraries, including their versions and dependencies.

File Manager

Effortlessly store your scripts, packages, or application software within the Conhive File System Manager, streamlining your IoT over-the-air update process for greater efficiency.

Custom Update Creation

Craft Tailored Updates incorporating a variety of actions, from executing scripts and commands to deploying files, assembling release bundles, and integrating Git repositories.

Applications for Device Control

Smart Building Management

Manage systems like HVAC, lighting, security, and energy management. Administrators can monitor and adjust settings remotely, ensuring optimal building performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.

Healthcare Equipment Management

Remote Monitoring and Management of medical devices, such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, and diagnostic equipment. Ensuring equipment reliability, patient safety, and compliance with healthcare standards.

Industrial Automation and Control

Oversee machinery and production processes, including remote monitoring of machine performance, adjustment of settings for efficiency, and quick response to any operational issues.

Retail Network Management

For managing a network of point-of-sale systems, digital signage, inventory trackers, and security cameras. Allows for streamlined operations, inventory management, and enhanced customer experience.

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