Fleet Management

Boost your operational control and efficiency.

A Glimpse into Conhive's Advanced Device Management System

Elevate your IoT device management to new heights with ConHive. Our platform enables seamless connectivity and control over devices across the globe. Effortlessly categorize your devices into dynamic groups, fine-tune settings with advanced filters, and craft customized views and dashboards that cater to your unique workflow needs. ConHive's user-centric design allows you to visualize and manage data in the most effective way, boosting your operational control and efficiency.

Device Connectivity

Effortlessly connect your devices from a single, unified platform, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools.

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Smart Connectivity

The Agent to connect your devices is lightweight and can be installed with a simple command.

Single Device Registration

Register one or more devices manually one afte the other using access data.

Bulk Device Registration

Connect large amounts of devices automatically using security registration tokens.

Security Tokens

Manage identities and access right to ressources with secure registration tokens.

Device Control

Organize your devices efficiently using tags, notes, descriptions, and labels.

Device Grouping

Utilize tags and labels for easy identification, grouping, and categorization of your objects. Perform group actions with ease using labels.

Device Tagging

Digital markers that make it easy to identify, classify and manage smart devices.

Device Naming

Use tags, notes, descriptions, and labels for a clear overview of device statuses and project progress.

Customizable Columns

Customize your device list view with a variety of columns, to display information that are important for you.

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Device Categories

Group your devices according to various attributes and depending on your application and use cases. Improve orientation and use different categories.

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Device Description

Name your devices and add a description, improve orientation and find them more easily.

Device Filtering

Filter your devices by activity and status to react quickly to anomalies.

Device Sorting

Sort your devices to get the best overview of your devices.

Device Searching

Use the integrated search bar and use various attributes to easily find your devices.

Customize Your View

User-centric design allows you to visualize and manage data in the most effective way. Enhance your management experience with customizable dashboards and widgets.

Customize Dashboards

Start with a solid foundation and use our templates for different use cases. Customize them to your needs and achieve your maximum productivity.

Add Widgets

Choose out of a variety of widgets to display the information that is important for you. Display and arrange widgets to get the most out of your data.

Design Your View

Resize your widgets, display widgets in a way that makes sense to you, and color them to your liking.

Customizable Columns

Add Functions and Filter that meet your needs and to simplify the search for your devices and projects.

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Applications for Fleet Management

Smart Office Management

Oversee a network of smart devices within a smart office environment, such as thermostats, security cameras, smart locks, and lighting systems.

Business Equipment Control

Centralize data on equipment health, maintenance schedules, and usage patterns, streamlining maintenance and reducing downtime

Healthcare Device Management

Monitor device statuses and applications events to ensure device realiability. Enable secure access through multi-factor authentication to protect patient data and comply with healthcare regulations.

Device Management For Smart Cities

Deploy a network of IoT devices throughout a smart city infrastructure for various applications like traffic management, environmental monitoring, and public safety.

Overview of Conhive Streamlined Process Automation Features

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