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Transforming Your Strategy for Device Management.

Overview of Conhive Streamlined Process Automation Features

Step into a new era of device interaction with Conhive. Our sophisticated tools are designed to redefine how you manage your devices. Dive into effortless file management, real-time process monitoring, and access to comprehensive device information. This suite of features is engineered to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and elevate your device management to unparalleled levels of efficiency and ease.

Device Twin

Essential Tool for System Administrators and IT Professionals who require an automated, detailed overview of Device Data and Architecture. With Synchronization of Device Status and Metadata to facilitate Remote Management and Monitoring.

Device Twin Feature

Comprehensive Device Insights

Obtain an automated, detailed overview of each device, encompassing CPU, network, BIOS, and memory specifics for effective management and monitoring.

Effortless Data API Integration

Easily incorporate device information into your systems with accessible API options, enhancing your application's capabilities with real-time device data.

Intuitive Data Visualization

Convert intricate device data into clear, actionable insights using a user-friendly interface, making complex information easily understandable.

Customizable Data Collection

Adapt the Device Twin module to meet your unique requirements by implementing custom data collectors for tailored device data gathering.

File System Manager

Streamline your device's file management with this intuitive Navigator. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, it's the go-to tool for fast, hassle-free access and organization of your device files.

Total File Control

Effortlessly manage all files and folders on your device through a clear, user-friendly interface, designed for comprehensive access.

Simplified File Transfers

Streamline the process of uploading and downloading files, making file movement between your device and server seamless and efficient.

Robust Search Capabilities

Locate files swiftly using advanced search filters that sort by criteria such as name, size, and type, enhancing your file-finding efficiency.

Intuitive File Navigation

Explore your device's file system with ease using a familiar, traditional-style interface, now empowered with additional advanced features for a superior navigation experience.

Conhive File System Manager

Process Manager

Dive into the dynamic world of real-time process monitoring. Its user-friendly interface puts you in command, offering unparalleled control and insight into every aspect of your system's operations.

Conhive features automation

In-Depth Process Insights

Achieve a thorough understanding of active processes, delving into specifics like CPU and memory usage, along with their current statuses, for a comprehensive system overview.

Smart Resource Allocation

Pinpoint and regulate high-demand processes to optimize system efficiency and ensure smooth performance across the board.

Fluid Process Management

Navigate your system with ease, having the ability to start, stop, and restart processes effortlessly, thereby safeguarding system stability and peak performance.

Instant Process Watch

Keep a vigilant eye on the CPU and memory demands of each process with real-time monitoring, ensuring you're always informed about the health and efficiency of your system.

Use Cases of Device Interactions

Smart Office Automation

Seamlessly control and automate various smart devices. For example, adjusting lighting, temperature, or even security systems from a central interface, based on user behavior or pre-set schedules.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Operators can remotely adjust settings and respond to alerts to monitor and control machines and systems. You can manage the operation of multiple devices to optimize production efficiency and safety.

Healthcare Monitoring Systems

Device interactions allow centralized monitoring and management of patient monitoring systems. This includes adjusting device settings, monitoring patient vitals, and receiving alerts for any abnormalities, thereby enhancing patient care and response times.

Retail Inventory and Asset Tracking

Leverage device interaction capabilities for inventory management and asset tracking. This includes monitoring stock levels, tracking the movement of goods within a store or between locations, and even controlling environmental conditions for sensitive products.

Insight into Conhive's Robust Device Monitoring Interface

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